Case Study: India’s Biggest Pharma Company — Converting Legacy EPABX To Next-Gen Haloocom IP-PBX

Navneeth Menon
2 min readApr 1, 2021

India’s Biggest Pharma Company wanted to upgrade their units Telecom Infra from a legacy Siemens EPABX system to an advanced IP PBX system with Unified Communication Capabilities. Haloocom IP PBX delivered a seamless integration with Siemens EPABX without disturbing their existing infrastructure, resulting in huge cost savings to the company.

IP PBX is a complete telephony system and provides telephone calls over IP data networks. The major benefit of such an IP based system is that it sends conversations as data packets over the Internet. This technology not only has a lot of advanced communication features but also provides a significant dose of worry-free scalability and robustness that all enterprises always look for.

Also, the IP PBX is able to connect to traditional PSTN lines via an optional gateway — so upgrading day-to-day business communication to this most advanced voice and data network is a breeze! The enterprises don’t need to disrupt their current external communication infrastructure and operations.

With Haloocom IP PBX deployed, an enterprise can even keep its regular telephone numbers. This way, Haloocom IP PBX switches local calls over the data network inside the enterprise and allows all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.


Over 1000 Extensions were connected to the Legacy Siemens EPABX & Customer wanted to upgrade to the latest technology of IP PBX. Transition process & Cost implications were the major challenges, considering a large amount of investment was already done in the form of Telephone lines, cabling & devices and transition to an IP PBX would mean a complete change in internal network cabling & investment on a new set of IP Phones that were 3 times the cost of a normal phone.



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